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Urge Obama to stop Henoko plan

2014年2月11日 05:03

Dear President Barack Obama, Dear Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

We’re a group of high school students who live in Okinawa, Japan.

Okinawa, which had been called “the keystone of the Pacific”, is an island which was severely damaged during World WarⅡ.However, thanks to efforts of its residents, Okinawa has been able to recuperate and revive as a resort island where many tourist from all around the world come to admire its beautiful nature and sea.

This island may seem like a paradise, but there are many worries that still linger in our minds.

For example, when we take in our laundry late at night, an osprey will fly right above our heads shaking our windows with its roaring sounds. The worry of the osprey falling and crashing leaves us standing still in fright for a moment.

Late night aviation by ospreys and other battle planes are against the regulations which were set among the U.S. and Japan. Such dangerous acts are taken place almost everyday.

Currently, there is a plan under contemplation to move the current Futenma Base to Henoko, Nago City. However, there are many people living Henoko, too. There is even a school near the area which is planned to have the new base constructed. In addition, fish and the endangered dugong lives in the beautiful sea near Henoko. Wild birds which are designated as a protected species live in the forests nearby. If the new base were to be constructed in Henoko, the fish would no longer be able to live in its beautiful sea. Residents who live close would be imperiled by the battle planes.

There have been numerous demonstrations and meeting by the residents over the years, but our voices are falling on deaf ears. The Japanese government doesn’t do any actions to solve this problem; they just continuously postpone reconstructions. The situation becomes worse and worse every year.

From the devastating experience of World WarⅡ, a saying was made in Okinawa that goes “Nuchi du takara”. This means “Life is a treasure more important than anything”. We Okinawans are taught to tresure and aspire for peace.

Of the 1.4 million people who live in Okinawa, over 70% are against constructing the new base in Henoko. It would be great if you could come and see the planned construction ground and the beautiful sea of Okinawa. And, if possible, listen to the direct opinions of us Okinawans.

Thank you.


(Act For Henoko) Naha Kokusai High School 1st Graders

Yui Toguchi, Nagi Maekawa, Rina Uchima, Clara Chinen, Wakana Hirata
















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