The 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival Eve Parade was celebrated on the 26th at Kokusai Douri Street. Around 5,200 okinawan descendants and 64 groups from 20 countries and two regions marched proudly though Kokusai Douri Street, wearing their traditional clothes and raising their national flag. 10 groups of national Okinawa prefectural associations as Tokyo and Osaka with 353 people and 250 people from the business network "WUB" were also participating, making the parade around 6,000 people in total. 
 Okinawan people filled the street waiting impatiently for their "home coming descendants", making a moving parade full of reunion mood, hugging and talking each other.
 The governor Takeshi Onaga gave an address at the ceremony: "The parade will be very international. Let's welcome them warmly with uchinanchu's chimugukuru (okinawan hospitality)".(英語)

Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival